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Anonymous asked: Do u delete asks


After a while of having them up I do . I try to keep up the ones that are frequently asked though


My grandpa was driving me to school and after he pulled out the driveway he started tO MAKE RACECAR SOUNDS ALL THE WAY THERE AND I JUST

(via theheartlessarecoming)

YouTube ?

Yo guys so I have been asked a few times to make YouTube videos? I have a couple video ideas in my head but it would be helpful if you guys could give me ideas(: if I do this my first video would most likely be a Q&A so feel free to ask questions as well ? I don’t know , just an idea

-bandobsessed asked: You. Are. Perfect. ♡


Kisses to you sweetie !

Anonymous asked: either in the shire so we can hit the prancing pony or in rohan for a horse riding day with Dr, Bones from star trek as he played the night that led everyone in return of the king



Anonymous asked: marry me?


Only if our wedding takes place in Middle Earth

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