Dont be shy .. Lets make a Scene

Jade . 8.7k Cats and counting . Happily Taken by Trevor . Still Fighting . I've been Satans whore for 15 years . Stay lovely . Personal Blog & IG: capncatnip .

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Anonymous asked: You're so pretty :) I wish I were as lucky with looks as you :(


Babe the wonderful thing is I’m actually really ugly

Warped Tour is the best thing to do for a date tskarie

Anonymous asked: Do you play any sports


I’m the school mascot .. Does that count ?

Anonymous asked: How old are you?



The issues with having cats is at 3AM when you hear sounds you don’t know if it’s your cats trying to murder each other or satan coming to drag you back to the pits of hell

Anonymous asked: Potatoes?


I’m ver thankful for potatoes and the many different ways I can eat them

Anonymous asked: Do u watch anime


I breathe anime

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